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With almost thirty years of working with at-risk youth and adults, Caroline Durham understands the causes and solutions to effects of second-hand trauma. Since 2005, she has led wellness trainings for public defender offices.  Having studied mindfulness and wellness practices for fifteen years, Caroline has developed a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to understanding and resolving the impact of compassion fatigue.

Based upon her own experience as a direct service provider, Caroline guides participants to identify where second-hand trauma may be impacting them.  Through her workshops, service providers learn simple and effectives ways to integrate wellness practices in their professional and personal lives. 

During her day-long programs she teaches organizational wellness practices as well, building a stronger organization while deepening the work of the individual.  The impact of second-hand trauma can harm the ways an organization operates.  Through thoughtful planning and integration of wellness techniques the organization overall, and through individual employees, is healthier and more effective.   Whether providing services as a staff member or as a volunteer to a service or community organization, wellness training is important for strength, well-being, and long-term engagement

What Warriors Are Saying:

“Caroline and her team care deeply about community and wellness. Caroline, as a leader and warrior uses many tools to help people thrive. She has been a tremendous mentor and teacher. Caroline can help anyone or any group and I highly recommend her service.”  

Mike M. – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Federal/State/Military Courts

“With a peaceful and inspiring spirit, Caroline creates a space where others can have an open dialogue and grow in compassion towards themselves and others. The Warrior Wellness trainings are an incredible gift that guide others towards their wellness goals.”

Jenilee R., Dispositional Advisor

“Through the Warrior Wellness trainings bring deep awareness o f where people originate and what they survived to bring them to their current existence. By seeing little distinction between personal and professional, I encountered a foundation for healing and growth.”

Erin H., Mitigation Specialist
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